The IBRA Team

Prof. Robert Pickard (UK)

Robert is our Chairman and oversees the strategy and performance of IBRA. He manages the Editors and Editorial Boards for JAR and Bee World. 



Mr Hans Kjaersgaard (UK & Denmark)

Hans is our Company Secretary and ensures that we operate in accordance with UK law and charity requirements.



Prof. William Kirk (UK)

William ensures the day to day running of IBRA conforms to the strategic objectives and those determined by the Trustees.



Dr Mervyn Eddie (N. Ireland)

Mervyn provides administrative support for the Council and ensures that the Bookshop can be supplied by new titles and stock.



Dr Martin Kunz (UK & Germany)

Martin manages social media for IBRA.



 Dr Ivor Davis (UK)

Ivor acts as treasurer and manages the accounts for IBRA. In addition, he acts as membership secretary and responds to queries posted to the IBRA web site. 




Operational Management Team

William Kirk, Mervyn Eddie, Martin Kunz and Ivor Davis form the operational management team and meet regularly to develop the business and ensure the safe operation of IBRA.


The members of the IBRA Council are the trustees of the organisation. They are responsible for policy. Information about them is given here.

Bee World Editorial Board

Bee World is edited by Robert Brodschneider (Austria). The editorial board members are: Karina Antúnez (Uruguay), Maria Bouga (Greece), Stephen Devanesan (India), James D. Ellis (USA), Wanja Kinuthia (Kenya), Robert Pickard (UK), Dr Cooper Schouten (Australia) and Maja Smodiš Škerl (Slovenia).

Journal of Apicultural Research Editorial Board

Journal of Apicultural Research is edited by Dr Maria Bouga (Greece) and Dr Melanie Parejo (Switzerland & Spain). The editoral board members are: Dr Adriana M Alippi (Argentina), Dr Panuwan Chantawannakul (Thailand), Dr Vanessa Corby-Harris (USA), Dr Bjørn Dahle (Norway), Dr Anna Gajda (Poland). Prof. Irfan Kandemir Turkey), Dr Juliana Rangel (USA), Dr Victoria Soroker (Israel), Dr Jevrosima Stevanovic (Serbia), Dr Robert Brodschneider (Austria) and Prof. Robert Pickard (UK).

Quince Honey Farm

Quince Honey Farm in Devon, UK, runs the bookshop for IBRA. They receive the orders, manage stock, invoice customers and supply books etc. to order.

Computer Freedom Collective

Computer Freedom Collective, through the CEO Jithin Tankachan, supports the IBRA website to ensure the service is stable and available 24 hours a day.