Journal of ApiProduct
& ApiMedical Science
Vol. 3 (1) pp. 45 – 53
January 2011
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The efficacy of tualang honey in comapison to silver in dressing wounds in rats


Mat Saad Arman Zaharil, Wan Azman Wan Sulaiman, Ahmad Sukari Halim, Mohd Yussof Shah Jumaat and Jaafar Hasnan



Tualang honey is obtained from large honeycombs produced by Asian bees (Apis dorsata) in gigantic Tualang trees. It has been used traditionally by local communities to treat wounds. However, unlike manuka honey its medicinal uses are not well researched. An open, prospective study into the efficacy of wound healing in full thickness wounds in rats, was designed to compare two honey impregnated dressings with silver-impregnated hydrofibre dressings. A full-thickness wound was created on the dorsum of Sprague-Dawley rats (n=45). Tualang honey impregnated paraffin tulle (P-honey) and tualang honey impregnated hydrofibre dressings (H-honey) were compared with silver-containing hydrofibre dressing (positive control; H-Ag). The wounds were inspected on days 4, 7, 14, 21 and 28. The dressings and wounds were assessed for adherence, ease of removal, fluid accumulation, dryness of skin and exudates, rate of epithelization, healing and wound contraction. Three rats treated with each dressing were sacrificed on the days that wounds were inspected. The wounds and scars were histologically analysed for inflammatory parameters. Tualang honey impregnated dressings were comparable to the commercially available silver impregnated hydrofibre dressing in terms of adherence, ease of removal, fluid accumulation, dryness of surrounding skin and exudates; p > 0.05 for non-parametric Kruskal-Wallis tests and post hoc corrections with a Mann-Whitney test. The rates of wound healing, wound contracture and subsequent histological analysis of inflammatory reaction by each dressing were also comparable. Tualang honey impregnated dressings were as effective as silver impregnated hydrofibre dressings in terms of dressing properties, promotion of wound healing and inflammatory reaction.


Tualang honey, silver dressing, hydrofibre dressing, full thickness wound, wound healing

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