Journal of ApiProduct
& ApiMedical Science
Vol. 3 (1) pp. 101 – 103
April 2011
Article Title

Sugar analysis of “Menalou vanilia” fir honey


Iosif Manikis,Sofia Vartani, Maria Dimou and Andreas Thrasyvoulou


“Menalou vanilia” fir honey is the only Greek honey that has a protected designation of origin and it is highly appreciated by consumers. In this study we examined the sugar content of “vanilia” fir honey along with two other criteria that are used for the determination of the botanical origin of honey according to the European and national legislation. The results showed that this type of honey is characterized by high electrical conductivity and low honeydew elements/pollen ratio which were in accordance with the European and national legislation. However, the sum of fructose and glucose content in all samples was significantly low and did not meet the standards described by the European Council Directive about honeydew honeys.


 fir honey, sugar analysis, pollen analysis, botanical origin, protected designation of origin

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