World Meliponine Etymology of Taxonomic Nomenclature by A.H Jalil


Author: Abu Hassan Jalil.

Jointly published 2021 by IBRA and Northern Bee Books.

Softback, 280pp.

ISBN: 9781913811044

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Describes the Etymology of every name ever used in Meliponine Taxonomy Etymology Worldwide. For all enthusiasts who have ever wondered how and why specific epithets and exotic sounding names are given. Some may not even sound scientific yet so important and relevant to the locality and some even describe their anatomy. This compendium will be very useful to students of Entomology and Etymology alike. It aids in remembering names in identification exercises and in historical data applications. Contains more than 206 illustrations from floral epithets, maps, portraits and colour descriptions, 1008 species names and 124 Genus name entries. Scientific words symbols and abbreviations explained and history of languages in the evolvement of systematics unraveled.