Plants for Bees


“Packed full of beautifully colourful images and written by experts this book provides a wealth of knowledge for gardeners,  beekeepers, and all those wishing to do their bit to help all species of bee” – Norman Sellers, Wildlife World.


Kirk, W D J & Howes, F N (2012) IBRA. Hard back pp.320 ISBN:978-0-86098-271-5 Plants for Bees is a beautifully illustrated and informative book that provides gardeners, beekeepers and bee lovers with all the information they need to create a healthy environment for the many species of bee in the British Isles. In this fascinating book, Dr William Kirk and Dr Frank Howes explain the importance of planting flowers for both long- and short-tongued bee species and set out clearly which plants benefit which type. A simple key system allows gardeners to quickly identify the advantages of more than 300 plants for each type of bee. There are stunning images throughout the book and the foreword has been written by wildlife television presenter Kate Humble.

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