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Special Issue – Tualang Honey

Journal of ApiProduct and ApiMedical Science

Vol. 3 Issue 1

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This special issue of the Journal of ApiProduct & ApiMedical Science concerns the medicinal use of tualang honey from Malaysia and contains a selection of papers that were presented at the 2nd International conference on the Use of Medicinal Honey that was held in Malaysia, last year.  Abstracts of the papers presented at that conference were published in Volume 2, Issue 1 (2010) and the importance of tualang honey in Malaysia was well described during that conference. 

In the School of Medicine at the Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) campus situated in the town of Kota Bharu in the Kelantan state of northern Malaysia, an extensive research programme into the therapeutic properties of tualang honey has been in progress since 2007. Here the effect of this Malaysian honey on testicular function in rats exposed to cigarette smoke has been investigated (Mohamed et al., 2011) and its influence on the development of acute respiratory symptoms in Hajj pilgrims has been explored (Othman, et al., 2011). Attempts to evaluate the free radical scavenging activity of tualang honey (Sulaiman et al., 2011) and to identity the antibacterial components in tualang honey (Kirnpal-Kaur et al., 2011) have been described.

The wound healing characteristics of tualang honey have been investigated by monitoring the formation of granulation tissue in human diabetic foot ulcers (Nawfar et al., 2011) and the healing rates in the treatment of split skin graft donor sites (Halim et al., 2011a), and wounds created in rats were used to test the efficacy of honey impregnated tulle and hydrofibre dressings compared to silver impregnated hydrofibre dressings (Halim et al., 2011b and 2011c). Additionally, the effect of ingesting honey in combination with jumping exercise on the characteristics of bone quality in female rats has been tested (Tavafzadeh et al., 2011). This varied collection of studies illustrates some of the research investigations into the curative properties of Malaysian tualang honey that have been conducted at USM.

07 January 2011

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