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The Journal of ApiProduct and ApiMedical Science joins the Journal of Apicultural Research

The highly regarded Journal of ApiProduct and ApiMedical Science will be incorporated into the International Bee Research Association’s flagship journal the Journal of Apicultural Research from January 2012.


In 2009, IBRA launched a new peer reviewed scientific journal entitled The Journal of ApiProduct and ApiMedical Science(JAAS). Under Senior Editor Prof. Rose Cooper from Cardiff Metropolitan University, it focused upon evidence based research being carried out on biologically relevant properties of bee and hive products, and their scientific relevance in the fields of medicine, nutrition and healthcare. This journal provided a forum where the efficacy and effectiveness of bee and hive products with therapeutic properties could be presented, debated and evaluated using scientific principles.


In the past three years JAAS has published 58 papers, including 41 original research articles, nine reviews, six notes and comments, and two editorials. One Special Issue devoted to Malaysian tualang honey was also published. All types of hive products were covered, and JAAS became a forum for both laboratory and clinical research. It became well known amongst scientists working in the apimedical, apitherapy and apiceutical arena.

 From January 2012 it has been decided to incorporate JAAS into IBRA’s major peer reviewed scientific journal, the Journal of Apicultural Research (JAR) which celebrated its 50th birthday last year. Issue 51(1) of JAR will contain five former JAASpapers covering the pollen, mineral, heavy metal contents and physicochemical and microbiological properties of honey from both honey bees and from stingless bees.


IBRA Scientific Director and JAR Senior Editor Norman Carreck says: “The incorporation of JAAS into JAR will strengthen the journal in the important area of hive products. I am delighted that JAAS Senior editor Prof. Rose Cooper has agreed to join theJAR Editorial team.


Prof. Rose Cooper says: With the current interest in therapies not yet accepted into conventional medicine, there is a need to disseminate scientific research into the properties and mechanisms of action of potential remedies derived from hive products”.

 Press Release



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