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IBRA journals receive international recognition 

At the XXXIIIth International Apicultural Congress (Apimondia) held in Kiev, Ukraine, which ended today, IBRA’s two journals were honoured with awards. The Journal of Apicultural Research won a Gold Medal, and Bee World won a Silver Medal..

The Journal of Apicultural Research is IBRA’s peer-reviewed scientific journal, which publishes original research papers, short notes and authoritative review papers on all aspects of research involving all species of bees. Recent highlights have included a Special Issue on bee colony losses, and the publication of the review papers which form the COLOSS BEEBOOK, the definitive guide to how to carry out research involving honey bees, written by 243 of the world’s key researchers from 34 countries worldwide. For 2014, a Special Issue on the interactions between honey bee genotype and environmental factors is planned. JAR is edited by a team from Argentina, Greece, Switzerland, Turkey, the UK and the USA. Over the last few years, the number of high quality submissions to the journal has increased, as has the journal’s Impact Factor.

Bee World is IBRA’s popular journal, and fills a unique niche, bringing science in an accessible form to the thinking beekeeper. It also features articles on beekeeping techniques, on the history of beekeeping and news and topical information. Again, a truly international journal, it brings contributions from authors in many countries, four times a year.

IBRA Science Director and JAR Senior Editor Norman Carreck says: “As a small independent publisher, IBRA is delighted that our two journals have been rewarded by our international audience in this way. We see this as recognition of the high standards that we try to attain, publishing in JAR only high quality original research of international interest. Bee World fully complements JAR, by bringing science to the beekeeper in an accessible form

 Press Release


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1. The International Bee Research Association (“IBRA”) is the world’s longest established apicultural research publishers and promotes the value of bees by providing information on bee science and beekeeping worldwide.

2. IBRA publishes the peer reviewed scientific journal the Journal of Apicultural Research, founded by IBRA in 1962. It includes original research articles, theoretical papers; scientific notes and comments; together with authoritative reviews on scientific aspects of the biology, ecology, natural history, conservation and culture of all types of bee. The ISI Impact Factor (2012) is 1.926 and the ISI 5-year Impact Factor is 1.447:-

3. IBRA publishes Bee World, founded by the Apis Club in 1919. This is now an accessible and topical journal containing the latest bee research, news, reviews and other relevant information for the bee scientist, beekeeper, and anyone with an interest in bees:-

4. IBRA publishes and sells books on bee science, bee conservation and beekeeping and also provides bee information services. IBRA is a Registered Charity, and its Council of Trustees boasts some of the world’s leading bee scientists.

5. Membership of IBRA costs just £33.00 annually. Membership benefits include receipt of four quarterly issues of Bee World and discount on all IBRA publications.

6. Apimondia is the International Federation of Beekeepers’ Associations and other organisations working within the apiculture sector. Founded in 1949, Apimondia exists to promote scientific, technical, ecological, social and economic apicultural development in all countries. Its biennial conferences are held around the world and attract thousands of beekeepers and bee scientists from all continents:-


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