Journal of ApiProduct
& ApiMedical Science
Vol. 3 (4) pp. 164 – 173
October 2011
 Article Title

Palynological, physico-chemical and aroma characterization of Sicilian honeys


Farid Aboud, Claudio De Pasquale, Angela Sinacori, Sergio Massi, Pellegrino Conte, Giuseppe Alonzo


Honey is a global food that is known also for its healing, antiseptic, antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Research aimed to characterize botanical origin and physicochemical properties may increase knowledge of the product in a given geographic area, as well as its commercial value. A total of 29 different honey samples collected in Sicily have been analysed for various physicochemical parameters (water content, pH, acidity, reducing sugars, saccharose, electrical conductivity, diastase activity and colour) and characterized for pollen content. Head space solid phase micro extraction followed by gas chromatography and mass spectrometry was used for the determination of the volatile profile of the honey samples. More than 50 volatile compounds were detected in all samples; using statistical analysis by hierarchical cluster analysis (HCA) these compounds were found to reflect the botanical origin of the honey samples.


Sicily, honey, melissopalynology, physicochemical analysis, HS-SPME, GC-MS, volatiles compounds

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