Title Author(s) Vol. Issue Start
Review Articles
Role of honey polyphenols in health Carlos A Uthurry, David Hevia and Carmen Gomez-Cordoves 3 4 141
Is honey a plausible candidate for the prevention of in-stent restenosis? Saravana Kumar Jaganathan, Vijayalakshmi Raman, Eko Supriyanto 3 4 160
Original Research Articles
Palynological, physico-chemical and aroma characterization of Sicilian honeys Farid Aboud, Claudio De Pasquale, Angela Sinacori, Sergio Massi, Pellegrino Conte, Giuseppe Alonzo 3 4 164
Sensory perception of tropical pot honeys by Spanish consumers, using free choice profile Patricia Vit, Teresa Sancho, Ana Pascual , Rosires Deliza 3 4 174

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