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Original Research Articles
A palynological Analysis of Brazilian Propolis Samples Alex da Silva de Freitas, Ortrud Monika Barth, Érika de Oliveira Sales, Adriana Hitomi Matsuda and Ligia Bicudo de Almeida-Muradian 3 2 67
Malaysian Bee Venom Abrogates Carrageenan  Induced Inflammation in Rats  Mohd Nuruddin Abd Manap, Onn Haji Hashim and Kamaruddin Mohd Yusoff 3 2 75
Free Amino Acids, Oxalate and Sulphate for Honey Characterization Brunella Carratù, Marco Ciarrocchi, Maurizio Mosca and Elisabetta Sanzini 3 2 81
Antioxidant properties of volatile oil of Indian propolis  Dattatraya G Naikand Harshada S Vaidya 3 2 89
Physicochemical Properties, Antioxidant Activity and Stability of Spray-driedPropolis    Felipe C. da Silva, Carmen S. Favaro-Trindade, Severino M. de Alencar, Marcelo Thomazini  and Julio C C. Balieiro 3 2 94
Sugar analysis of “Menalou vanilia” fir honey Iosif Manikis,Sofia Vartani, Maria Dimou and Andreas Thrasyvoulou 3 2 101

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