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Editorial Rose Cooper 3 1 1
Original Research Articles
Evaluation of Radical Scavenging Activity and Colour Intensity of Nine Malaysian Honeys of Different Origin  Khalil, M I; Mahaneem, M; Jamalullail M S; Alam, A;Sulaiman, S 3 1 4
Effect of Honey on Testicular Functions in Rats Exposed to Cigarette Smoke Mahaneem, M;  Sulaiman, S A; Jaafar, J; Sirajudeen, K N S; Ismail, Z I M; Islam, M N 3 1 12
A Randomized Control Trial Comparing the Effects of Manuka Honey and Tualang Honey on Wound Granulation of Post Debridement Diabetic Foot Wounds Nawfar, S A; Han C S; Paiman, M; Iskandar, M    3 1 18
Effect of a Combination of  Jumping Exercise and Honey Supplementation on the Mass, Strength and Physical Dimensions of Bones in Young Female Rats Tavafzadeh, S S; Ooi, F-K; Krasilshchikov, O;  Sulaiman, S A 3 1 26
Tualang Honey Hydrogel in the Treatment of Split-Skin Graft Donor Sites Imran, F-H; Dorai, A A; Halim, A S; Sulaiman, W A W 3 1 33
The Benefit of Tualang Honey in Reducing Acute Respiratory Symptoms Among Malaysian Hajj Pilgrims: A Preliminary Study Sulaiman, S A; Hasan, H; Deris, Z Z; Wahab, M S A; Yusof, R C; Naing, N N; Othman, N H 3 1 38
The Efficacy of Tualang Honey in Comparison to Silver in Dressing Wounds in Rats Zaharil, M S A; Sulaiman, W A W; Halim, A S; Jumaat M Y S; Jaafar, H 3 1 45
Treatment of Partial Thickness Burn Wounds Using Tualang Honey, Hydrofibre and Silver Dressings: A Pilot Study Rodzaian, W S; Dorai, A A; Halim A S 3 1 54
Different Solid Phase Extraction Fractions of Tualang (Koompassia excelsa) Honey Demonstrated Diverse Antibacterial Properties Against Wound and Enteric Bacteria
Kirnpal-Kaur, B S; Tan, H-T; Boukraa, L;  Gan S-H
3 1 59
Reviewers 2010 3 1 66

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