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Original Research Articles
Determination of 1,4-dichlorobenzene, naphthalene and thymol residues in honey using static headspace coupled with GC-MS René Badertscher, Verena Kilchenmann, Agathe Liniger and Peter Gallmann 2 3 87
Antibacterial activity of Royal Jelly bacteria capable of infecting cutaneous wounds. Mariana Celeste García, Mónica Silvia Finola, Juan Miguel Marioli 2 3 93
Notes and Comments
Experimental use of oral propolis for prevention of radiation oesophagitis in patients treated with chest radiotherapy. F Meroni, R. Alloni, M. Ciresa, A. Scrocca, and L. Trodella 2 3 100
 Abstracts Open Access  Crete, 2010 2 3 102
Conference Calendar 2 3 129

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