Title Author(s) Vol. Issue Start
Review Articles
A review of propolis antitumour action in vivo and in vitro Nada Oršolić 2 1 1
Original Research Articles
Antiulcerogenic and ulcer healing effects of Indian propolis in experimental rat ulcer models S. Iyyam Pillai, M. Kandaswamy, S. Subramanian 2 1 21
Notes and Comments
An approach to the application Royal Jelly: Encapsulation of lyophilized royal Jelly and its effect on glucose metabolism in humans Karsten Münstedt, Mareike Böhme, Igor Hrgovic, Annette Hauenschild 2 1 29
Open Access
 2nd International Conference on the Medicinal Use of Honey 2 1 31
Book Review 2 1 61
Conference Calendar 2 1 64

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