Title Author(s) Vol. Issue Start
Review Articles
Bee honey and cancer Nada Oršolić 1 4 93

Original Research Articles

Somatic Cell Count in Milk of Bee Venom Treated Dairy Cows with Mastitis Sang Mi Han, Kwang Gill Lee, 
Joo Hong Yeo, Sung Jin Hwang, Peter J. Chenoweth and Sok Cheon Pak
1 4 104
Antioxidant properties of Indian propolis Dattatraya G Naik, Harshada S Vaidya and Bhaskar C Behera 1 4 110
Notes and Comments
The effect of gamma-irradiation and heating on the antibacterial activity of honey bee (Apis mellifera)venom Sang Mi Han, Kwang Gill Lee, 
Joo Hong Yeo and Ha Ju Baek
1 4 124
Book Review  The Honey Revolution 1 4 123
Conference Calendar 124


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