Title Author(s) Vol. Issue Start
Review Articles
Chemical diversity of propolis makes it a valuable source of new biologically active compounds Vassya Bankova 1 2 23
Original Research Articles
Honey constituents and their apoptotic effect in colon cancer cells S K Jaganathan, M Mandal 1 2 29
Composition and antioxidant activity of propolis from three species of Scaptotrigona stingless bees A C H F Sawaya, J C P Calado, L Cavalcanti dos Santos, M C Marcucci, I P Akatsu, A E E Soares, P V Abdelnur, I Barbosa da Silva Cunha, M N Eberlin 1 2 37
Antioxidant properties and phenolic content of different floral origin honeys J Piljac-Žegarac, T Stipčević, A Belščak 1 2 43
Absence of propolis effect on plasma glycaemic control and lipid metabolism in a diabetic rat model C Búfalo, D P Barreiro, D R S Sartori, J M Sforcin 1 2 51

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