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Editor: Dr Robert Brodschneider (Austria)

Bee World is IBRA’s popular journal, available free to IBRA members. Bee World contains original articles and regular features. It welcomes submissions on all aspects of beekeeping and all species of bees worldwide. Bee World was founded in 1919 by the Apis Club and publication was taken over by the Bee Research Association in 1952.

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For a history of Bee World see the two articles below:


Richard Jones, Karl Showler & Robert Brodschneider (2019) Bee World – The First Hundred Years, Bee World, 96:2, 34-39.

Karl Showler (2010) Bee World — A Phoenix Arises The evolution of a beekeeping journal, Bee World, 87:1, 2-4.

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Bee World Editors

The current editorial board members of Bee World are: Karina Antúnez (Uruguay), Maria Bouga (Greece), Stephen Devanesan (India), James D. Ellis (USA), Flora N. Namu (Kenya), Robert Pickard (UK), Cooper Schouten (Australia), Maja Smodiš Škerl (Slovenia). See further details here.



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