IBRA’s two journals (Bee World and Journal of Apicultural Research) are published for IBRA by the Taylor & Francis Group. The entire back catalogue of the Journal of Apicultural Research from Volume 1 (1962) to date and Bee World from Vol 1 (1919) to date are available on the Taylor & Francis website. As an IBRA member, you have free access to the back catalogue and current issues, according to your level of membership. To access the journals as an IBRA member you MUST log in at the IBRA web site, click on the tab for the Member Page (this page) and then click on the buttons lower down this page for “Access Bee World” (for all members) or “Access JAR” (for Standard and Premium members only). Important note: member access to journal articles has to go via the IBRA Member Page – you cannot login at the journal page on the Taylor & Francis web site. The login for IBRA is different from the login for Taylor & Francis.

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Bee World is IBRA’s popular journal, available free to IBRA members. Bee World contains original articles and regular features. It welcomes submissions on all aspects of beekeeping and all species of bees worldwide. Bee World was founded in 1919 by the Apis club and publication was taken over by the Bee Research Association in 1952.

The Journal of Apicultural Research is a refereed scientific journal dedicated to bringing the best research on bees. The Journal of Apicultural Research publishes original research articles, original theoretical papers, notes, comments and authoritative reviews on scientific aspects of the biology, ecology, natural history, conservation and culture of all types of bee (superfamily Apoidea). The Journal of Apicultural Research was founded in 1962


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“CSI pollen” is a Europe-wide study of the diversity of pollen sources collected by honey bees, organised by the COLOSS honey bee research association (http://coloss.org/). It is known that the pollen of certain plant species may be deficient in certain essential nutrients and lead to stress. In order to investigate regional patterns of pollen diversity, the project will seek the help of “Citizen Scientists”, in this case volunteer beekeepers, who will collect the information. The participating beekeepers will use pollen traps fitted to their honey bee colonies to regularly collect pollen loads, and count the number of different colours present.

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Edited by
Vincent Dietemann, James D Ellis, Peter Neumann 

Volume I: Standard methods for

Apis mellifera research
Volume II: Standard methods for
Apis mellifera pest and pathogen research
Volume III: Standard methods for
Apis mellifera product research